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Let's ensure our story is never lost

Our mission is simple, to film the stories of those who fought in 1948, were there through those difficult founding years in the 50s and ensure those stories are not lost. We have done so much of this work for the Holocaust but the creation of Israel is the gem in the Crown of our Jewish story and if we do not take action now it will be lost to timeline tear drops in rain.

Connecting young chutznikim

The importance of this mission is greater than ever. Western Jewry finds itself further disconnecting to the State of Israel. Teenagers & college students are consistently influenced to seperate and even denounce Israel.


By partnering with Biogracy48

We start to promote the tail of why we fought so hard for this little nook of the Middle East in the first place.

300,000 views on holocaust story


Ph:  +1 (929) 253 3199

Aus Ph: +61 438 106 995


United States

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